5 Reasons To Work with a French Property Finder

Buying a French property can be fraught with uncertainty. Are you looking in the right places? Do the quoted prices represent true market value? How does the conveyancing process work? Are your language skills good enough to handle a formal meeting with a notaire?

If you are unsure about the answers to any one of the above, read on...

Rory Ramsden


I'm Rory Ramsden. I have a passion for French real estate, food and wine. In fact, I'm a Cordon Bleu trained cook who, in another life, was once a top interior designer in London and the channel islands.

​As a French property finder, I live with my wife near Bergerac in south west France.  

​My clients come from round the world looking for property (valued between €700,000 and several million.)  in the western Lot, the Lot et Garonne, the southern Dordogne and the northern Gers plus the Entre-Deux-Mers.

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Even French property buyers who are buying for the second or third time use French property finders.

They know they are in good hands.

Having been out of the market for years and years, they need expert support when it comes to paying the right price for the right property in the right place.

After all, when you are moving from one region to another, you need someone knowledgeable on the ground to do the legwork before you drive 6 hours across France for a viewing....

It is this expert local knowledge which is so important in the whole buying process, that the French property finder provides .

Here Are 5 Good Reasons Why You Should Work With a French Property Finder

A French Property Finder Acts Exclusively For You The Buyer

He will scan the whole market

The goal of a buyer's agent is to find you the right property in the right place at the right price.

He or she will scan the whole market including local French immobiliers, English speaking international real estate agents, sales entre particulier (Private sales), properties listed with local Notaires and off market properties too.

Some of the best properties never appear on a website or an agent’s window. They are sold discreetly. You need to know where to look to find them…

He or she is not a traditional immobilier who acts for a limited number of property vendors in a limited area and just wants to sell you a house.

You Will Get Pre-Visit Reports

The photographs on the website do not tell the whole story

Get a full report on any property of interest before you leave home.

Avoid disappointment, wasted time and wasted money.

That way, you will get on an airplane with a pretty good idea of what to expect at the other end..

And you will feel a lot more confident.

It can be very disappointing to fly half way round the world on the off chance that the properties you find on the web are really as good as they appear.

Even jumping on a local European flight can take time and money that would be a pity to waste on a fruitless viewing trip.

Far better then to work with a French property finder who can pre-visit properties and give you a full report.

Get a Fully Coordinated Viewing Itinerary

Multiple properties, multiple locations, different days, distance & time calculations... All done for you

Doing this long distance can be frustrating especially if you are not on Central European Time.

Your French property finder will work out a schedule for you that makes best use of your time.

There are other practical things to arrange too.

Hotels, transfers, hire cars etc all take time to put in place.

Have all this done for you and save even more time

Strike The Best Possible Deal

Why is the property in that village so obviously more expensive than this one over here ?

Know the answers to this and many other questions. Having an experienced buyer's agent by your side may make the difference between buying your dream home and yet another wasted trip.

When you have had a ‘coup de coeur’, you are prepared to pay almost any price to buy the object of your desire.

Your emotions may take over. When this happens , striking a deal can be tricky.

You may be tempted to put in a low offer to start with just to test the waters. Sadly, doing this may mean you say 'Goodbye' to your dream second home.

It does happen.

Your buyer's agent will help you pitch your first offer at the right level and then buy at the right price.

Enjoy Tailor-Made Service and Support

Available 7 days a week from 0900hs to 2100hrs

Bridge the language gap, by working with a French property finder with local knowledge and experience and benefit from tailor-made service and support.

Bypass all the usual pitfalls...

Dealing with multiple agents, each with only a limited number of properties

Hours and hours of wasted time viewing unsuitable properties.

Vendors with unrealistic expectations

etc... etc...​

Hire Your Very Own Buyer's Agent Now

Anything you might need
before, during or after you buy your dream home in France,
I'm here for you

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